BSO Management Refuses to Budge

Press Statement 6-21-2019

Baltimore Symphony Musicians
June 21, 2019


BSO Management Refuses to Budge

Draconian 20% Salary Cuts Still Demanded

BSO management refused to budge at today’s bargaining session. They insisted on their lockout and not providing us with health care. Not only that, we learned that our Long Term Disability (LTD) coverage had been canceled as of June 17. Remember that every week that the musicians are locked out, the BSO is saving about $250,000 by not paying us and not providing us with health insurance.

Federal mediators were at the table during contract negotiations between the BSO and its musicians. The mediators listened and participated professionally. However, it is important to remember that federal mediators do not have the power to stop a lockout. In fact, they have no power at all; they try to get labor and management to reach agreements voluntarily.

In addition, management also notified us that they are canceling the life insurance policies for the musicians, effective September 1.

More negotiations will be scheduled, and the musicians will continue to bargain in good faith.

In the meantime, the Baltimore Symphony Musicians are locked out without a salary, health insurance and LTD insurance while BSO management has their jobs with full salary and benefits. The BSO is saving a quarter-million dollars a week by locking out the Musicians. Baltimore and Maryland are deprived of their summer season of music making.

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