Michael Ferraguto

Principal Librarian

Michael Ferraguto is the Principal Librarian of the BSO. He is also an amateur violinist and pianist. What will the Baltimore Symphony leave behind in its next 100 years? In the next century, the BSO will continue to showcase the orchestra in stunning concerts. If we continue making music at such a high level, and reaching out to young people as we do, Baltimore's musical future is secure. Who or what inspires you? I'm inspired by my colleagues in the orchestra. As a librarian, the music I make is backstage. To see all of the parts I prepare come to life in the hands of the orchestra is a really amazing experience. If you had to do something other than be a Baltimore Symphony Musician, what would you do for a living? I'd probably teach French- I double-majored in Music and French in college, and lived there for a time. I'm also interested in medicine. For a long time I was planning to go into prosthetics and orthotics. I still find that it's a fascinating field, and would be interested in taking it up again. Where is your favorite get-away spot? Give me a day at the ballpark and I'm in heaven. I grew up going to Fenway so the Sox are still my #1, but I'm looking forward to rooting for the O's at Camden. What would people be surprised to find out that you like to do? I enjoy rock climbing/bouldering. I've heard there are some good spots near Baltimore, but I haven't been since I moved! What piece of music do you wish you had written? I've always wanted to write some sort of novelty piece, a "Concerto for Librarian". It would involve running around on stage and fixing music while the orchestra played. Some sort of gag that I'm sure only I would find funny. What or who influenced you to be a professional musician? Straight out of college, I got a library job at the Tanglewood Music Center. I was interviewed by the (now retired) Principal Librarian of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Marty Burlingame. It was through him that I really discovered what the job was, and saw how it connected the dots of my performance experience, personal qualities, and musical know-how. What do you like to do with your ”me time”? One of my hobbies is tabletop gaming: board games, card games, etc. I'm into the complicated games with instructions a mile long. The fun is really in hosting your friends and spending time together. How do you give back to our community? Before I moved to Baltimore, I was on the junior board of a community grief counseling service, helping them organize fundraisers. I'd like to get involved with something like that here.