Press Statement – August 21, 2019

Baltimore Symphony Musicians

August 21, 2019

Baltimore Symphony Musicians ask to be included in the decision-making processes of the BSO in latest contract negotiations


The Baltimore Symphony Musicians met with management representatives of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra today for contract negotiations. The musicians proposed that the BSO emulate the models of other orchestras across the country that have achieved a major culture shift by including all of the stakeholders in the decision-making process, including, most notably, the musicians.

Brian Prechtl, Co-Chair of the BSO Players’ Committee, stated, “While we didn’t make substantial progress toward an agreement, we have agreed to meet again on Tuesday, August 27. The musicians are planning to bring a proposal to management at that time.”

“The musicians have requested that BSO management continue health care coverage through the month of September while we work toward an agreement. We would consider it an act of good faith on management’s part to do so. We have also made it clear that we must have a new contract to return to the stage.”

On Friday, the work group mandated by HB 1404 will have its inaugural meeting in Annapolis, headed by former State Senator Ed Kasemeyer. “The musicians remain hopeful that we can begin the process of rebuilding the BSO following the devastating decision to lockout the orchestra,” Prechtl said.

Contact: Co-Chairs Baltimore Symphony Musicians

Greg Mulligan (410) 979-0208

Brian Prechtl (410) 935-7322