Welcome Agnes Tse

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. Neither of my parents are musicians, but my younger sister and I both picked up an instrument at a young age (she is a pianist). I attended an academic-based high school in Hong Kong, and I found myself struggling between violin and academics due to the intense education system. I finally concluded that I was not a scholar – I only wanted to play the violin. So, I applied to The Juilliard School – my dream school since I was ten, and fortunately I was accepted to the Bachelor of Music program. After six years, I graduated in May 2019 with a master’s degree from Juilliard. The BSO is my first job, and I am so lucky to join this great orchestra immediately after my graduation.
In September 2018, I worked with Maestra Marin Alsop for the first time when she conducted a Juilliard Orchestra concert – a Bernstein Centennial Celebration at Carnegie Hall, in which I served as Concertmaster. Two months later, I auditioned for the BSO and won a spot in the violin section. I still cannot believe it happened, and here I am working with Maestra Alsop again, switching from a conservatory orchestra to a professional orchestra.
I have only lived in New York City since I moved to the US, so the first month in Baltimore was challenging for me. However, I love that there is less distraction – I am living a simple yet enjoyable life. I have my own apartment for the first time, learned how to cook, and have more time to practice. Baltimore also brings people closer together. I enjoy watching friends’ recitals two blocks away at the Peabody Institute, and I have even become friends with a barista in a cafe. I also love the fact that  people from Baltimore are so friendly – my new friends throw parties very often and they always invite everyone.