Kenneth Goldstein


Violinist Ken Goldstein joined the BSO in 1981.
What will the Baltimore Symphony leave behind in its next 100 years?
An orchestra that is second to none is entirely possible.
What inspires you?
A lot of the symphonic and chamber music that I play inspires me and motivates me. Also great tennis playing--especially Roger Federer!
If you had to do something other than be a Baltimore Symphony Musician, what would you do for a living?
I don't have a lot of other skills besides playing the violin and playing tennis--and no one is willing to pay me for playing tennis! Perhaps I could become a conductor, although I hear it's harder than it looks!
Where is your favorite get-away spot?
Almost every summer for 1 week my family shares a beach house with another family in Ocean City, New Jersey. No violin playing permitted! It's a very laid back fun week that includes a good bit of bike riding and board walking .
hat would people be surprised to find out that you like to do?
I do not go bungee jumping or skydiving--sorry to disappoint!
What piece of music do you feel was written for you?
I love everything composed by Mahler, Brahms, and Elgar, among many others.
Who influenced you to be a professional musician?
The lion's share of the credit would have to go to my father Nathan Goldstein, who was a violinist in the NY Phil. And I'm sure being at some of Leonard Bernstein's "Young People's' Concerts" had an impact. My two primary violin teachers Josef Gingold and Franco Gulli had a major impact.
What do you like to do with your ”me time”?
When I have free time I enjoy tennis, biking, hiking and reading--in that order; as well as occasionally watching a really good movie.
How do you give back to our community?
I support a variety of charitable causes, to the best of my ability.