FEATURE FRIDAY! – Gabrielle Finck

***Seasons with BSO: 15

***Age Started Playing Horn: 10 (singing at 4; piano at 7)

***Favorite Restaurant In Baltimore: I love the Helmand, and any Thai restaurant that has Khao Soi (yellow curry noodles)!

***Favorite Composer: I’m pretty fired up about Bruckner lately.

***Favorite Non-Musical Activity: I got into rock climbing during the pandemic. I haven’t gotten super good at it, but I love following the climbing news from various sources (Olympics, movies, reading), and I go to the climbing gym whenever I have a chance!

***Memory of BSO Audition: I remember hearing the news that I was offered the job, and I sat down on the brick sidewalk, leaned against the brick wall of the Meyerhoff, and cried for joy, with my then-boyfriend (now-husband).

***Concert this Season You’re Most Excited About: I’ve never played Mahler 5 before. It’s the last Mahler symphony to cross off my list!

***Pets: My first summer here, we took in an abandoned alley cat and named her Kitward. Now she’s a crotchety old lady we call Mrs. Werd.

***Favorite Non-Hobby: A hobby it isn’t, but I’ve been homeschooling our 4 young kids since before it was cool. My husband is an educator, so we have a lot of things we like to experiment with, and we love the freedom of a non-traditional schedule. Our kids do chores, outdoor play, social time, music lessons, art lessons, in addition to loads of math, philosophy, foreign language, etc, all from our home base in Bolton Hill.