Feature Friday – Nina DeCesare

Nina DeCesare, bass

***Seasons with BSO: 3

***Hometown: Baltimore (Ellicott City), MD

***Age Started: 8

***Favorite Restaurant In Baltimore: Alma Cocina Latina – I have celiac disease and most of their incredibly tasty food is gluten free!

***Pets: I have two dogs! Misty, who is a very sweet and opinionated 9 year old rescue terrier mix and Merlin who is a 3 year old shepherd mix: half empathetic angel and half high energy nightmare.

***Memory of BSO audition: My BSO audition was high stakes for me as Baltimore is my hometown and also happened to be the week before my wedding – luckily it went well!

***Upcoming Showcase: I will be playing a headliner recital at the International Society of Bassists Convention on June 7th in Ann Arbor!

***Hobbies: main hobby is strength training – I love lifting weights!

***Pre-Concert Ritual: glitter eyeshadow and an energy drink (usually Celsius but also a fan of Red Bull and Bang)

***Off-stage Advocacy: I run a professional development book club and mentorship program for bassists who identify as a marginalized gender. The bass community is largely male-dominated, so supporting and advocating for the next generation is incredibly important to me! I am constantly inspired by the ripple effect that mentorship, community, and resources can create and am happy to continually push forward with the goal of more equal representation in the bass sections of professional orchestras.